Friday, July 26, 2013

Sharing more photos

I only live 4 miles from my parents.  I call their place paradise.  It's the most awesome place to go at the end of a stressful day.  And taking my camera along makes it even better.  There are endless things to photography, admire, and be grateful for.  
You would not believe my Dad's hummingbirds.  There are no less than 20 birds buzzing around at all times.  Several times this week I tried to get some good shots of them; not an easy task.  They zip around so fast that it is nearly impossible to focus on them.  I've still got another 2 months of them hanging around so I'll keep trying.  
I got this incredible shot of Zoe a few days ago.  If only she knew what beautiful photographs she gives me.  I am so in love with this laid back relaxed dog.  She makes me happy. 
Last weekend we went camping (the hottest weekend of the year!!).  I'm not a beach and sun kind of girl but the 100 degree temps made Lake Michigan feel amazing!  I couldn't remember the last time I went swimming in Lake Michigan so I need to remember the date this time.  Probably be another 10 years before it happens again.  
I got some fun shots at the cottage a few weeks ago.  
This one of Craig just cracks me up!  Craig says he refuses to grow up. 
Even Fiona needed some relief from the heat.  
These last two photos were taken with my new macro lens.  
I'm looking forward to having a lot more fun with this lens.  

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