Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's the simple things...

Last weekend we hooked up the trailer and headed out to Fort Custer State Park in Augusta. We debated whether or not to go because the weather forecast wasn't looking very good. We decided come rain or shine, sleet or snow we were going. We left about noon on Friday in the pouring rain and 40 degrees. We were so happy that we didn't let that stop us. Come Saturday morning the sun came out and the temps rose and we enjoyed every minute of it!
Craig made beautiful fires that kept us warm and cozy.
It was Easter weekend and Jordan was home on a 4 day break from college. Much to our delight she joined us the whole weekend. Loved having my girl with us the weekend!
We weren't going to bring any of the dogs with us but Jordan talked us into bringing Fiona because she misses them being away at school.
I am still in love with our trailer. It's has every comfort of home.
Here's Jordan and Craig with their noses stuck in their phones. Must have been checking Facebook.
This cool photo was compliments of Craig. I love how you can see Jordan through the flames. I've noticed that Craig is picking up the camera a little more often and trying to be creative.
Staying warm around the fire.
The BEST part about this state park was the lakes. It has 3 secluded lakes. Not one house is on any of them. We spent most of our time kayaking. I even got Jordan in the kayak.
She picked it up real fast, not that kayaking is hard. Having her out on the water with me was awesome. The sun was shinning beautiful and I got some great shots of her. She's so photogenic.
I am so grateful that as young adults our children still want to spend time with us. I hope that never changes.
Jordan has two more weeks of school then she will be home for one week before heading back for spring and summer semesters. Since she isn't going to be home this summer we are relishing all the time we get to spend with her.
Turtles were sunning themselves everywhere. This brave little turtle stayed on the log a lot longer than the others. Usually they all scattered when we got close.

It's nesting season. I never knew that a nesting Canadian Goose hunkered down and tried to hide from you. Can you see the goose?
Craig and I celebrated 25 years of marriage this past week. What a lucky woman I am.
I adore him. How comforting it is to me that late at night after I've had a stressful day I can count on him reaching for my hand. He is my everything.
Kayaking may not have been his idea but he knows what enjoyment it gives me so he has learned to love it too. That's what kind of man he is.
Craig and I found a swampy bog area in the park. There was no boat landing or paths to this area. It was so beautiful and I was dying to kayak there. Later that day we saw a park ranger and I asked them if it was OK to kayak in there. Sure! Craig and I headed out there and kayaked for about 3 hours until it was too dark to see anymore.
I can't wait to go again in a few weeks when things green up.

On Sunday morning Craig took me and dropped me off at the lake so I could kayak for a few hours before heading home. This was the only lake we hadn't been on yet. What a gift that morning was. Just when I didn't think it could get any better it did.
This lake by far had the most wildlife on it. I was in absolute awe. Every corner I turned there was something amazing to witness.
This lake was huge but very shallow. Even in the middle it was only a few feet deep. This nest was out in the middle. I'm guessing it is an eagle nest but I didn't see any eagles.

I was thrilled to see nesting sand hill cranes everywhere! These are huge birds, standing about 5 feet tall.
I saw 5 nesting pairs and I'm sure there were more hidden that I couldn't see. Most all of them made their nests partly hidden just into the reeds.
But for some reason this crazy Momma made her nest right out in the open water with no cover at all. I felt sorry for her because she was having an absolute fit with me out there. I never did get very close (thanks to my telephoto lens) but she still wasn't very tolerant of me.
I hope these two eggs grow up to be big happy sand hill cranes.

This was my favorite photo of the day. The sun was just perfect. You can even see the pupil in her eye.
I am happy, content and grateful for sooooooo many things in my life right now.
It's the simplicity that I am loving and I thank God everyday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loving my family.....

We had our first 80+ degree day last Sunday. We couldn't get enough of it. It was just a tease though as the very next day was back in the 40's.
We met all of Craig's family (minus his parents who are still in Florida) in St. Joe to celebrate Bailey and Lauren's birthday.
What a glorious day!
It was so beautiful we took a walk down the pier.
And the cutest couple award goes to.......
I took the opportunity to snap a photo of all four siblings for Craig's parents.
April 1st was opening weekend at Silver Lake and Craig was there. He's been putting a new motor in his Jeep for the last few months and couldn't wait to get out in the dunes. Jordan drove over from Ferris and spent the day with her Dad. They had a great time.
Craig was real happy with the Jeep performance. That was a very good thing.
Last night we drove up to Ferris for Jordan's last band concert of the season. As always, it was beautiful music.
But the best part was spending a few hours with Jordan.
Nothing makes this Momma happier......
...... than spending time with these two.
I'm trying to get out in my Kayak when I can.
Zoe has taken a liking to kayaking. If I don't let her get in the kayak she runs back and forth along the shore and cries until I come and get her.

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday. Happy Weekend!!!!!