Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The wait is over.

Spring has been slow to come this year. It will be April in a few days and we've been averaging 20 degrees blow average for weeks. We have had some beautiful sunny days but still COLD! Last Sunday Craig and I decided we didn't care if it was only 33 degrees outside we were heading out with our Kayaks. You may remember that we bought our kayaks back in November. We were one of the crazy people standing in line at 5 AM for Dunham's Black Friday sale. It was worth it as we got a screaming deal on the kayaks but the bad side was that I've had to stare at them all winter just dying to use them.
We found this really small secluded lake not far from our house. Perfect. I was loving it. Never even noticed that it was 33 degrees outside and parts of the lake still had ice on it.
And even Zoe got to go! I think she enjoyed it. She wasn't afraid but she wouldn't stay still and she aggravated Craig most of the time. I don't know how much she'll be going with us from now on.
I did really good maneuvering my kayak. I still need more practice but it's really pretty easy. My goal it is get good enough and brave enough to head out on my own occasionally.
Even if there isn't any green anywhere yet it was still beautiful.
Can't wait for our next excursion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm usually in bed by now but I'm forcing myself to stay up to get a few loads of laundry done. I've been slacking on my weekend laundry duties. Our weekend time is so precious that if something away is calling us we listen and take off. Last Saturday I spent the day in Grand Rapids with Jordan. We met up at the Grandville mall. We had lunch, shopped, and then we picked up Ty for dinner and ice cream. I don't feel guilty about leaving the laundry and other things that need to be done when I'm spending the day like that. I know where my priorities are.

And then Sunday...... Craig had just gotten home from being in Indy the last 4 days. He was going to Battle Creek where he was meeting a guy who bought some wheels off of him. I decided to ride along. I miss my hubby when he's gone and even if it is riding along on a road trip we both enjoy the time together. I read my new "kayaking in Michigan" books aloud during the drive. When the wheel delivery was done we turned around and headed towards Chicago and hit the "Bass Pro" and "Cabelas" stores. We finished buying the last few things we needed for our kayaks (paddles, etc).

So who has time to hang around home and do laundry when there are so much better things to do?

OK, I just heard the dryer buzz... gotta go.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, we are now in the middle of March and I really get excited thinking that next month is April already. Every time I look out the window I see male robins fighting for territory. We are getting more glimpses of sun and a tease of warmer weather here and there. Yes, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm still doing really well on my quest to lose weight and get healthier. This is one of my favorites, baked tilapia over asparagus. I bake about 10 of these at one time and freeze them. I'm loving this diet! I'm at 25 pounds now!
Our living room makeover is almost done. Notice the beautiful new hardwood floor..... I will never go back to carpet. I am in LOVE with my floor. It's so refreshing to walk downstairs to this in the morning. Just have a few finishing touches to do like wall decor and curtains.
And in addition to the floors I treated myself to a new piece of furniture as well. Meet my new end table. I found it at an antique store in Coldwater. The minute I saw it I just had to have it.
It's old and beautiful and has a gorgeous grey marble top. I couldn't be more pleased with it.
Caleb bought a new video game that he and Bailey enjoyed last weekend.
Never really understood the fascination of video games but I will admit that I am hooked on "Angry Birds" on my iphone.
Jordan was home for 9 days over her spring break. She had her wisdom teeth out on Monday which knocked her off her feet for four days. She literally barely moved from the lazy chair to her bed for four solid days. Finally on Thursday Craig and I convinced her to go to the Roadhouse with us. Then on Friday she started to come around. On Friday night we went to dinner at my parents so Jordan could spend a few hours with Gram and Pa-Pa.
It was great having her home.
After Jordan left yesterday I noticed this note she left on the cupboard in the kitchen. I sure do love that girl!
And not to leave Caleb out.... I saved this note from a few months back. I left for work one morning feeling awful with a bad head cold. After a long exhausting day I could barely drag myself out to my car. When I opened my car door this is what I found on my steering wheel.

Do I have the best kids or what?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In my happy place.....

I've been neglecting my blog lately so I thought I better do a blog post so you know we are all still alive. I haven't been out with my camera at ALL for weeks so I had to dig up this photo of a bluejay that I took a month ago or so.

Life seems so simple these days and I am loving that. It's that time of year where I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring but at the same time content with the monotony. I will be so happy to hook up the trailer and hit the rivers in our kayaks but for now I am enjoying the peace of no commitments or obligations. Spring and summer will fill me up with all of that very soon.

We ripped the carpet out of our living room the week after Christmas and have been walking around on really ugly floors. Finally, our new hardwood floor is being installed tomorrow!!!! I should have a new floor when I get home from my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow night. I'm sure I'll have a post dedicated to my new living room soon.... stay tuned.

And speaking of Weight Watcher.... I am doing AWESOME. I've lost 22 pounds since the beginning of January. I'm averaging over 2 pounds a week. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could actually do this. My whole way of eating, shopping and planning meals has TOTALLY changed. I have my moments where I get tired of it but not near as many as you would think. For the most part I've really enjoyed it. It's been almost a game to figure up food point values, read labels when shopping, and figure out what restaurants I can go to and get good things that are good for me. I think one reason this has been successful for me is that I love healthy foods. I never crave sweets. My down fall was pastas, pizza, potatoes, breads, etc. If I can say anything bad about this is that it is very time consuming. I spend hours on the weekends shopping and cooking for the week ahead. But it been a priority that I have made and it's been a good thing! I'm hoping to have lost 30 pounds by summer and if I can reach my ultimate goal of 40 pounds I will be thrilled! Oh, and Craig decided to join me when he saw good it was working for me. Craig has lost 13 pounds!

Jordan is coming home Friday and will be home all next week on spring break! I miss my girl.