Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nice Weekend!

Jordan was home this weekend! She hadn't been home since Christmas break. We spent the day together Saturday... lunch, shopping and then we met Craig for dinner.
The best part of her being home was seeing how happy she is. She is just glowing and I LOVE seeing her like this. She's doing so well, loves school, has a lot of wonderful friends. We've come a long way from her first weeks at college. She got an adorable new haircut. I didn't know if I was going to like it but it looks great on her!
The frigid temps have finally broken. We got up to 45 today and we felt like we were having a heat wave.
Last weekend was the Super Bowl. Here's Caleb and Bailey (and Seadra too) sporting their Green Bay loyalties! The Super Bowl is the only football game each year that Craig and I will watch. I actually enjoyed it this year. Good game, good company.
And I leave you this adorable face.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out

Well, it's over for now and most people are still digging out. I stayed home from work today.... too afraid to drive and the county declared a snow emergency and ordered no one on the roads except for emergencies. I did go into work this evening for about 4 hours and was sorry I did as I drove home in what seemed like another blizzard but I guess it's just lake effect. I love this kind of weather and all the hype that goes with it. I love the beauty of it all. And you all know I HATE driving in it.
Craig and Caleb have been doing a wonderful job of keeping trails blown out in the back yard for the dogs.
And paths to my bird feeders!
Pretty deep, huh?
Fiona hates to go outside in this. She runs and hides when she knows you are getting ready to put her outside. But surprisingly, once she's out there she loves to play in the snow more than the other two.
Zoe tolerates it pretty well. But Zoe tolerates everything. She follows me everywhere and is just happy to be with me. I LOVE that girl!
And Seadra does her business in record time and then cries to be let back inside.

I just watched the evening news and they are reporting some frigid temps in about a week that may bring a lot of lake effect..... Craig said that since this was the year he sold the snowmobiles that this would be a really snowy year. Hope you all are warm and safe! Enjoy the snow!