Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Today is Labor Day.  The official end of summer.  And as much of a wonderful summer as it was I am always happy to head into the cooler, slower days of fall.  

Jordan was home this summer for the first time since leaving for school in the fall of 2010.  Jordan was offered several jobs for the summer but Craig and I encouraged her to not work this summer.  Her field of study will not allow her to be home during the summer again until she graduates 2 years from now.  We enjoyed every minute of having her home.  Not having a job allowed her to spend a lot of family time with us, camping and spending vacations with us.  It was so worth it!  

Jordan returned to school last week and as much as we miss her it's a comfort to know that she is only 2 hours away and can come home whenever she wants.  

Our summer was filled with many special occasions.  We had the bi-annual Ormsby Twins Reunion, Craig's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, weeks camping at Silver Lake, time spent at the cottage... the list goes on and on.  

I have this coming week off work... all to myself.  Craig doesn't have any time left off for the remainder of the year so I have decided to take the week off for some me time.  I have absolutely no plans other than to decide what I want to do when I wake up each morning.  Of course I want to take my camera on some day trips.  We'll see where the road leads me.......