Saturday, September 7, 2013

My favorite month?

I often ask myself, "Do I have a favorite month?".  I always think I do but them when I ask myself this question at different times of the year I always get a different answer.  Right now my favorite month is September.  For weeks I've been waiting for September to get here and so far she has not disappointed me.  She's only been here for a week and I've fallen hard for her.  She has brought with her the most beautiful weather, slightly warm days and cool nights, beautiful blue skies with incredible clouds, farmer markets with fall produce galore.  All I want to do is take my camera everywhere and capture September's beauty.    
Although we have a long way to go before colors start looking like this (photo taken last October), I still see signs of colors beginning to change.  
September brings a lot of time spent at Silver Lake.  We've left our trailer at permanent campsite for the month of September so we can spend a lot of time playing and enjoying this glorious month.  We spend every weekend there and we will be there for 10 days towards the end of the month.  Life is good! 
One of my favorite things to do at Silver Lake is hop in the truck and head down dirt country roads totally lost.  I will drive until something catches my eye, whether it be these wild daisy's or an old weathered barn.  I can do this for hours.  
And Zoe (and Fiona too)  love to come along for the ride.  
The sunsets are incredible at Silver Lake.  
Here's to September and the many wonderful memories that it will create for us.