Saturday, November 20, 2010

My four legged kids

I spent most of the day home alone today. Don't feel sorry for me. I loved it. Just me and the doggies. Craig was out on the trails with the snowmobile club marking the trails, Caleb was hanging out with Bailey. Later in the afternoon I got the itch to take my camera outside. My intention was to take some bird photos. The birds were not cooperating and really it was starting to get dark outside and the lighting wasn't good enough for bird photos. So... you'll have to endure these adorable creatures. They always seen willing to let me shoot away to my hearts content. They don't fly away and they don't complain.
Fiona is my photogenic one. She never takes a bad photo. I think it's the puppy still in her. She's just over a year old now. She is doing really well with her hips. Occasionally we notice her carrying her back left leg but overall we are very pleased with how she's doing, especially after all we went through with her this past summer.
Seadra.... She the whole reason I turned into a dog lover. From the moment Craig and I were married (nearly 25 years ago now) Craig has ALWAYS had a dog. And I can tell you that I never really approved. I tolerated Craig's dogs because they were important to him. And tolerated was all I did. I was never attached to or loved them.

One day I just woke up and out of the blue I asked Craig to buy me a small dog. That's all Craig had to hear and he was on a "mission" to get me a dog. Shortly thereafter Seadra came into my life. I have no idea what the difference was but it was love at first sight. It was a whole new experience for me. My whole life I had never been attached to a dog. I literally couldn't wait to get home from work to be with her. And I'm still in love with my Boo-Boo.
Seadra is very healthy at 11 years old. But in the last year she had developed eye problems. Some days her eyes are so bloodshot they look like they are on fire. We've had her to the vet several times in the last months for her eye issues. The vet keeps treating her for eye infections but they just never seemed to get better. Finally this past week the vet suspected that Seadra has glaucoma. For the past 5 days we've been giving her glaucoma eye drops and I do believe that finally she is getting some relief. My poor baby. She hates having the drops put in and she hides for an hour after each time I give them to her. Oh well... hopefully she'll get used to them.
Zoe is doing wonderful. Her severe case of hepatitis is behind her now. She's been off the antibiotics for about 2 weeks now and she seems fine. We still don't know what that was all about but we suspect Zoe got into some poison or bacteria that affected her liver. Her ravenous appetite is back and we have to keep her blocked out of the kitchen when we are not home becuse she has learned to open cupboard doors, get to whatever she can find on the kitchen table, and she's also learned to open the plastic containers that hold the dog food. Yesterday we left the house for a few hours and we "thought" we had dog proofed the kitchen so we let her have the roam of the house. Caleb arrived home to find an empty bag of puppy chow on the kitchen floor. I don't know how she does it. She's like a Houdini dog.
So for the moment we have happy healthy dogs. We never would have guessed how many health problems these dogs would develop in the last year. We are hoping that these issues are behind us and that we have paid our dues for a long time. But would we do it all over again??? bet we would.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm so ready

So what if it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. The stores are already celebrating, why can't I? I've been tuning into my favorite radio station that switches to all Christmas music during the holidays, and much to my disappointment they haven't made the switch yet. And I've been wondering, is it too early to start playing Christmas music it in my office?
And I can't wait for Dad to show up with his lighted Santa hat that flops back and forth. I'll be breaking out the Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend!