Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It was good

Christmas is behind us and we are looking forward to the New Year. Life is good in the Mullauer household. We had a wonderful Christmas and I will share a little bit of it with you in the photos that follow. Happy New Year....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Gifts.....

These amazing people in my life are without a doubt my favorite gifts this season.
Puppies are high on my list as well. I have this photo framed in my office. Patients actually stand up and walk over to the photo for a better look. They just love this photo and so do I.
Even naughty puppies warm my heart.
And ending the year with 3 healthy puppies is a really good thing!
What a surprise gift this was! We just love her and so does Caleb.
This photo was taken the first day Caleb introduced me to Bailey.
What joy it is to see the pride in his face.
Driving 7 hours in a blizzard to see Jordan's Christmas Orchestra Concert. OK, the blizzard part we could have done without but it was worth it!
Having the love and support of an extended family is a huge blessing.
Knowing that Mom and Dad are always there is a big comfort.
And being able to raid their garden all summer is fabulous!
Seeing Jordan well adjusted at college is answered prayer.
Watching Craig be the father he is to our kids is the greatest gift.
Day trips to fun places with my camera is another of my favorites. And coming across a mother duck and her babies makes it perfect.
Taking the Jeep to Silver Lakes, Jeep rides on warm summer evenings.... all gifts from Craig.
Is it time to go camping again yet? I love our travel trailer. It means we get to go to fun places, go kayaking..... be together!
I saved the best for last.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Weeks Until Christmas!

We are under a winter storm warning. Usually I love a good winter storm, especially when it's the weekend and I can hunker down at home. But of all days for a nasty storm to be rolling in.... tomorrow Craig's flying home and we have plans for me to pick him up at the airport and then we were suppose to head straight up to Big Rapids for Jordan's Christmas symphony concert. It doesn't look like it's going to happen now. We're just going to play it by ear and see how things look tomorrow.

Do you like my tree? I love it. It doesn't change much from year to year except the shape maybe since we buy a live tree each year. I was happy that when Craig was home over Thanksgiving weekend we were able to get the tree.
This cardinal clothes pin is one of my new ornaments this year. You can't tell from the tree but he's a tiny little thing, only about a half inch. He's totally lost in the tree but I know exactly where he is.
It's already Dec. 11th and I FINALLY did some Christmas shopping today. And I actually enjoyed it. I went to this antique shop in Kalamazoo and it just so happened that they were having a Christmas open house. They really did it up. They had a group walking around the store singing Christmas Carols. Boy, could they sing! And they were all decked out in furs and jewels. I wish I had my camera with me. But the cutest was this little boy who was dressed up as Tiny Tim. He was walking around with a limp and a cane. He was also carrying a big basket full of wrapped presents and handing them out to the customers. I loved it!
Bailey and Craig made Christmas sugar cookies about a week ago which lasted all of two days!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keeping Warm and Cozy

It's been snowing like crazy the last few days but we are finally starting to see some relief. My drive home from work today was much better than the 1 hour of terror I experienced on my drive home yesterday. I've lived in Michigan all my life and you would think that I would get used to it... NOT! We are driving to Big Rapids Sunday for Jordan's Christmas Concert and they are calling for near blizzard conditions over the weekend. Craig is not a bit intimidated. I guess I'll just have to close my eyes all the way.
The Christmas tree is up and all my decorations are out. Craig has put a beautiful display of lights outside. I have my internet radio station set to Christmas music at work. I love it! I have some time off over Christmas and I am so looking forward to it. Bring it on!

The snow is so beautiful outside. I have a big window in my office and I've been enjoying watching the snow fall. Even if it does overlook a Chinese restaurant and a parking lot. I like to dream that there's mountains in the background, a quiet little stream, and birds everywhere. I've seriously thought about sticking one of those window bird feeders outside but I think the building owners would frown on that.

Saturday my Mom is selling her plants at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. The nature center puts on this show each year and only lets people sell things that have to do with natural products, things of the environment, recycled arts, etc. It's different than the typical arts and craft show and right up my alley! I'm looking forward to going and looking at all the exhibiters/products. Last year there was a man there selling little potted succulent gardens. I wanted one in the worst way but talked myself out of it. I'm hoping he's there again, I'd love to have one for my office. Check out the show if you can.

Take care my friends... and stay warm and cozy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It is what it is

I deleted my last post without most of you probably getting a chance to read it. The post was about the usual.... what's up with my life. I did the post late one evening and someone at 3:00 AM left an anonymous comment. They were too cowardly to identify themselves. They insinuated they had been reading my blog for a some time and that I had previously posted many "dumb" things online. I was then chastised for making comments about Craig being out of town. The comment was rude and meant nothing more than to be hurtful, which it was.

I was in such absolute shock that I quickly turned my blog settings to private not allowing anyone to look at my blog. I knew that I didn't want to leave it that way but until I figured out how I wanted to address the comment I just shut it down.

Anyone that I have shared this story with is in total agreement with me that whoever you are is a cowardly slime bag who only meant to be hurtful. Your half hearted pretense to be concerned about my well being is nothing more than bull. You obviously do not like me so why do you even bother to read my blog... why not stay away?

My blog is simply that... MY BLOG. I blog because I like to be creative and it is a stress reliever for me. I do not throw my blog in anyones face and I certainly do not MAKE anyone read it. I am not there forcing your fingers to click on the link to my blog.

When friends or family talk to me about my blog I am very modest about it. Almost to the point of being shy about it. I think, why do people like my blog or want to read it? It's always the same stuff... my family, my life, my dogs, my birds, my job, etc.... I think it's got to be pretty boring to other people and I do not blog for bragging rights. I blog about things that are passionate to me, what makes me happy and what the loves of my life are. And as far as blogging about my husband being out of town.... our grown son still lives at home and I am rarely home "alone". It is my nature to be trusting and believe in the good of people. I guess that's why it's so hurtful when someone like you comes along. I hope you are proud of yourself now that you've made me wonder what "friend" or "family member" you are.

I have decided to open my blog back up publicly but I have turned off the anonymous comment feature. We'll see how this goes.