Monday, April 15, 2013

Things that make me smile

Things I'm loving right now..... 
1. A husband who is so incredibly good to me.  Friday we will be celebrating 27 years.  
2. Momma and Daddy Bluebird who just showed up today.  Welcome my sweet beautiful bluebirds, you are loved!  
3. Flowers blooming!  Finally in the last few days I've been noticing daffodils and a few others.  
4. Thrift stores!  Today was a good thrifting day.  
5. A slow week at work and some much needed time off.
6. American Idol.... Go Candice!
7. Tea Lattes.  Just discovered a tea shop in Kazoo and have fallen in love with tea lattes.  
8. Sleeping with the window open 2 feet from my head.  
9. The smell in the house right now (Craig's baking chocolate chip cookies).  
10. My camera (you know this one was going to make the list)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Opening Weekend

Silver Lake State Park opening day each year is April 1st.  Keeping with tradition, Craig likes to be there the first opening weekend.  We both took Friday off, loaded up the truck and away we went.  We didn't camp (still too cold) but rather got a hotel room for a few nights.  The weather could have been warmer but it could have been worse too.  We didn't let the weather get us down.  

Friday was beautiful and sunny but Saturday was cloudy and it did sprinkle for a few hours.  We drove around on country roads, two tracks and seasonal roads just looking at the sights.  And if I saw something I wanted to photograph Craig was happy to stop for me.   
We spotted this house and I just had to get out and walk around it.  It was way up on a hill and it overlooked a beautiful secluded lake.  I can only imagine what a beauty she was in "her" day.  I wish I knew her history. 
A silver Lake weekend is never complete without a visit to the lighthouse.  I think this is the most beautiful lighthouse I have ever seen.  
Say Cheese........
In the dunes.......
At the beach......
What a relaxing weekend! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

LOOK!  I finally got a decent photo of the moon.  I must have taken 5,000 moon photos in my life and just never understood how to get it ..... this was an accomplishment for me.  
Jordan was home for 4 days over the Easter weekend.  It's such a happy place when Jordan is home.  
Easter day photo.... Caleb can't deny me a photo when it's a holiday.  I use the "It's a holiday, Mom deserves a photo" thing and it works every time.  
Finally some sun and warmth.  We took advantage of every moment of it.  First outdoor fire of the season!  The puppies enjoy it as much as we do.  
Once in a while Craig grabs the camera and gets a good shot.  Too cute! 
Saturday Jordan let me drag her to the Kazoo Nature Center.  The weather was perfect and I wanted so bad to get outside and see some "nature",  This chipmunk was about the only wildlife we saw.... not even a bird made an appearance.  
But it was still a beautiful place for a walk.  I'll return in a few weeks when the wildflowers are blooming.  
I'd like to take credit for being original with these last two photos but the idea came from Instagram.  I've been following a girl who poses these cute little chicks with about 4 or 5 posts a day.  It's so fun to see them.  So I had to join in.  
This one I posted on FB and I was surprised at the number of people that thought I had really found some babies in a nest.  LOL.  

Craig and I have a little get away planned this weekend.  We both have Friday off and are headed to Silver Lake for 3 days.  No kids, no dogs.... just us.  Can't wait.  The season of "get aways" is just beginning... Life is good.