Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Headed out again soon.....

I have tried to do this blog post about 5 times and each time I walk away frustrated.  For some reason Blogger.com decided to change the whole way posts are composed and I am totally lost.  I don't really consider myself a complete idiot when it comes to computers and I can usually figure things out but I have to say I am throughly disgusted with the changes.  I am giving this yet ANOTHER try because I love my blog and don't want to give up.

We went camping a few weeks ago and it was worth the long anticipated wait.  It was beautiful... kayaking with spring in it's complete glory, sitting around the campfire with my coffee, the list goes on.  

And in less than 48 hours we are pulling out again for another 4 days of bliss.   I already have my clothes packed in the trailer and food stocked.  Thursday morning we will be pulling out.  We are headed to yet another state campground.... a new one for us.  This time is Yankee Springs between Kalamazo and Grand Rapids.  The park is 5,200 acres and has 9 lakes.  I can't wait to explore the lakes.  

Well, I think I've mastered this post a little better so maybe I am learning something.  

Happy Spring my friends, Happy Spring!