Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Little Road Trip

All the family was busy yesterday and I had no obligations to speak of so I did something I've been wanting to do for awhile.  I took a little road trip to a bird sanctuary.  The last time I was there was few years ago.  It was late summer so any babies that I did see where nearly full grown.  This year there were new babies everywhere.  Oh what fun place to take my camera.  
And what makes this place unique is that even though the birds are wild they are somewhat tame because the sanctuary allows you to purchase buckets of corn and feed them.  It amazes me how close these beautiful creatures allow you to get to them.  Even the ones with babies.  

I'm used to kayaking on secluded lakes where swans and geese try to avoid you.  And if they have babies.... you better watch out.  I've been frightened by a swans and geese with babies on more than one occasion.   OK, maybe I was pushing my luck trying to get "that" photo.  

So this place is a real treat.  The Trumpeter Swans were literally eating out of my hand.  
What is it about Momma's with babies?  These little ones melted my heart.  
Who knows what these two love birds really think of each other?  Are they lovingly gazing into each other eyes, or is one telling the other to beat it?  I like to think they are a pair of those swans that mate for life.  
As I was leaving the sanctuary I stopped at a little pond to photograph a few frogs.  

I'd like to go back again in a few weeks before all the hatchlings get too big.  

Perfect day.........

Friday, May 24, 2013

A peaceful long holiday weekend is on the horizon

I beat it out of the office at 4:45 today.  It was a stressful day to say the least.  I had one thing on mind..... Run home as fast as I could, pick up Zoe, grab my camera and head over to my parents.  I was in need of some therapy.  Oh, it's the best kind of therapy there is.  It's so good for my soul.  

Guinea foul are casually waddling around clucking like old ladies and giving me some awesome photo opportunities.  I love those birds!
There is never ending beauty everywhere.  
My Dad showed me two sparrow nest hidden in pine trees.  I'm looking forward to keeping my eyes on them and hopefully getting some baby bird photography later on.  

The stresses of the week have melted away and I have big plans for a peaceful weekend.  
Peace my friends.... 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is what I've waited all winter for.....

The trees are green, flowers are blooming, the sun is warm, the days are longer.......
And I'm enjoying it with the ones I love.  
I never take these days for granted.  They are precious to me. 
Last weekend we spent 4 days camping at Warren Dunes State Park.  Jordan was home from college for the week so it was that much more awesome that she got to join us.  
Both puppies went camping with us too.  
My Sweet Zo-Zo.
Wild flowers were blooming everywhere in the park... in the woods.
I was especially excited to find this wild orchid, more commonly known as a lady slipper.
I wanted to give silhouette photography a shot.  I've been drooling over other silhouette photography I've been seeing online so I did a little google research and discovered it was pretty easy.  It was a lot of fun capturing these photos.  I can't wait to do it again.  This is Jordan jumping.  LOVED this shot.   
This is Craig and Jordan.  
On Mother's Day Jordan I spent a few hours at a botanical garden.  These last two photos were taken there.  
Tomorrow is the start of Memorial Day weekend.  More time with family, flowers, green things, puppies and my camera.  I'm looking forward to what memories I can capture in my heart and with my camera.  
Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

In all it's glory....

Spring has arrived in all it's glory!  I honestly cannot remember a year where I was happier to see spring.  The LONG cold winter got the better of me this year.  Being a snow bird sounds more pleasing the older I get.  
Craig, Caleb and I took a motorcycle this afternoon through the back county just so I could see the orchards in full bloom.  I had my camera phone with me and tried to snap a few photos.  
This one I took while actually moving down the road.  I couldn't believe how well it turned out.  
Right now I am sitting in the back yard in the swing facing my bluebird house with my laptop blogging.  I feel like I am in paradise.  My bluebirds are back, so are the orioles and hummingbirds.  Birds are singing everywhere.  
We spent most of the day doing yard work.
This is Momma Robin who has build a nest on our back porch.  I'm guessing her babies have hatched because I now see her taking worms back with her.  
Yesterday we stopped out at the cottage for a bit and I walked around and took photos of wildflowers.  
So delicate and so beautiful. 
You may have heard that we lost our Dear Seadra on April 19th.  She was nearly 14. 
We knew that Seadra's days were numbered for the last 6 months or so.  There were times throughout the last few months that we didn't think she was going to make it through the winter.  She would have bad days here and there but nothing that really lasted more than a day.  

We were suppose to go camping "that" weekend but the weather was so cold and rainy that we cancelled our camping trip.  I had Thursday and Friday planned off work so when we cancelled our camping trip I decided to keep the time off work anyway just to hang out at home and have some time off.  Little did I know what a God send that time off work was to be.  

Thursday morning Craig let Seadra out of her crate.  She could not stand, he had to carry her outside.  She staggered around and wouldn't eat or drink.  He laid her in her doggie bed and she wouldn't change positions or raise her head.  

I spent that whole day just holding her in my arms.  No decisions were made Thursday, we decided to wait and see how she was doing in the morning.  Friday morning came and she was worse.  As Craig was leaving for work I asked him to make the call to the vet, I couldn't make the call.  Her appointment was made for 4:30 that afternoon. 

I was home alone with her all day on Friday.  I had my moments of real sadness and tears but there was a peace that I cannot explain.  It was Seadra's time...... and my time to say goodbye. 
She really was the first dog I ever loved.  She the one who taught me to love dogs.  I'll be forever grateful to her.  
We are settling into the new routine of being a two dog family.  
Zoe and Fiona keep me smiling.
This is my latest favorite photos.  I was literally laying on the ground taking photos of the flowers when Zoe walks up and pokes her head in front of the camera.  I love that dog!  She loves the camera and never fails to let me have an awesome photo shoot with her.  Thank you Zoe! 
Craig and I did manage to sneak in a few hour of kayaking at Fort Custer State Park a few weeks ago.  The geese were nesting so it was fun photographing them.  
Beautiful white geese were on the lakes as well.
Last Sunday Craig and I drove up to see Jordan's last band concert of the season.  The theme was music from famous movies.  I loved the music!  

In another week Jordan will be home for a week in between semesters.  We have a camping trip planned while she's home.  

Happy spring my friends...... Enjoy!